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Shaanxi Province Basketball Association

Shaanxi Province Basketball Association aims to unite national basketball workers, athletes and activists, strive to develop basketball in Shaanxi Province, and play a positive role in promoting the healthy and sustainable development of mass sports activities and associations in Shaanxi Province.

Under the leadership of Provincial Sports Bureau of provincial Party committee and provincial government, under the leadership of Wang Libin, chairman of the association, relying on social resources, striving for survival and self-development, the Provincial Basketball Association actively carried out its work around the annual goals and tasks of the association, and achieved certain results, which was unanimously praised by the leaders at higher levels and universally recognized by all sectors of society. 

In 2018, more than 70 provincial competitions and projects were organized and planned, more than five national events and two international events were planned and executed. With the Shaanxi Provincial Lifting and Wrestling Association, Shaanxi Women's Sports Association and many enterprises and units in Shaanxi Province, cross-border cooperation, inclusive, to achieve strategic partners, in addition to basketball projects and competitions to contribute their own strength.


Beijing Chung Wai CI Sports Culture Co., Ltd

Since its inception, the company has been devoted to the research and development of sports events IP as the leading factor, focusing on the integration of resources and the development of sports events. It has closely linked 20 years'experience of brand communication with sports marketing and promotion, striving to create professional events, providing professional venues, abundant youth education resources and attracting a large number of professionals.With the close cooperation with the General Administration of Sports, FIBA and other international sports associations and organizations, we have successfully built and operated many brand sports events, and held many industry conferences.

- IP Development

IP Development is the starting point of our core production content. We combine the trend of China's national conditions, introduce foreign high-quality IP, develop and polish scripts suitable for China's localization. At the same time, it derives its own IP industry by introducing international high-quality IP resources, and integrates resources to develop multiple domestic IP events. At the beginning of content creation, we should pay attention to the construction of values, emphasize the audience's sense of identity, and also emphasize emotional sustenance for the audience, so as to pave the way for the follow-up IP derivative economy.

- Event Operation

The event operation center is operated by professional personnel, responsible for the organization and management of each event. Localized operation will bring more possibilities to IP. After the qualifications are obtained, the preparations for the event, including venues, lighting, dancing and personnel coordination, will be carried out. During the execution of the event, we will supervise the whole process and communicate with the officials in the necessary links.In each link, there is a clear division of labor. In the course of the event, it presents a clearer and smoother competition to improve the audience's experience

- Commercial Development

Business Development Center is committed to bringing "brand power" into full play. Strengthen IP diversification, layout youth training, venue operation, player brokerage, clothing, souvenirs, sports gambling and other industries to develop together, and enhance the sustainable profitability of enterprises. Through innovating operation forms and incorporating new creative subjects, IP extension can be broadened to create content.

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